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Detroit’s manufacturing heritage continue Downriver

CRAIN’S ARTICLE Written by: Gary Anglebrandt


Many places in metro Detroit can strike a person as feeling like the real heart of the area. Woodward and Jefferson, Eight Mile, Grosse Pointe with its old money, Dearborn with its entanglement with Ford Motor Co. Oakland County has its moments.

But there’s something about Downriver. Poor, downtrodden, derided Downriver. It’s long been the butt of jokes for locals of the greater Detroit area, for reasons I only partially get, having come from the other far end of the area, Port Huron, another waterfront place that isn’t exactly known as a bastion of high culture. CLICK TO READ MORE

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Trenton Forging Rolls Out Our New Semi Truck!

We are proud to show off our newly designed Semi-truck CLICK TO READ MORE



The Faro Edge. Laser Scanning Technology
Trenton Forging has always been on the front lines of new technologies and equipment and measurement for quality purposes is not an exception to the rule. While Trenton has used a standard contact-probe FARO Arm CMM for many years, the addition of the new Edge arm’s non-contact laser scanning capability provides almost endless new possibilities. CLICK TO READ MORE
Trenton Forging Reviving a Classic
Trenton Forging Company has partnered with local lifestyle-brand and custom fabricator, Detroit Motion Co. to restore the likes of this 1938 Ford 1-Ton stake truck with a little Trenton flare. The idea is to keep the truck as close to original as possible while ensuring it is safe, reliable, and that it proudly represents Trenton Forging. The chassis, body, and running gear will stay 100% original; a job made a tiny bit easier due to it’s condition when it was picked from the plains. CLICK TO READ MORE


Trenton Forging dives into Robotics Industry
Always ahead of its time, Trenton Forging has developed relationships in one of the fastest growing and most influential industries today. Our engineers and sales team have worked together with a top robotics company to develop parts that will revolutionize the way we move. Trenton has once again over-achieved by developing a forging in a way that was never thought possible. Customer information is proprietary at this time, but keep on the lookout for a robotics development that will change the game.