Trenton Forging automotive and truck forged solutions consist of products for a variety of auto supply, assembly, manufacturing and equipment needs. Let Trenton Forging help you with all your automotive and truck forging needs. Contact us today.

Trenton Forging automotive and truck division supplies the auto industry with forged solutions of steering & suspension, ball joint housings, clamp studs, idler arms, Pitman arms, steering arms, steering yokes, straddle balls, tie rod ends, engine parts, exhaust flanges, balance shafts, connecting rods, fuel rails, injector bodies, rocker arm forgings and other automotive/truck specific forging products. Our goal is to provide automotive and truck companies the quality forged parts for auto supply, assembly, manufacturing and equipment or any other automotive/truck needs.

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Dodge Ram Adjustable Brake Pedal__________
brake petal
Most Cars Tie Rod Ends___________________
Tie Rod
Honda Element Idler Arm__________________
idler arm
Nissan Pathfinder Tilt Steering_____________
tilt steering
Honda Exhaust Flange____________________
Ford F-150 Tie Rod End___________________
tie rod end
Ford Freestyle Tie Rod End________________
tie rod
Lincoln Navigator Control Arm_____________
control arm
Ford Explorer Adjustable Brake Pedal_______
brake pedal
Hummer H2 Spare Tire Braket______________
tire braket
GM/Izuzu Balance Shaft___________________
balance shaft
Mitsubishi Endeavour Steering Yoke_______
steering yoke
Nissan Pathfinder Steering Componet_______
steering component