Blog – Hand Forged Items


Above are two examples of the history and craftsmanship that the forging process was born of. These two pieces were mostly hand forged by our own Kris Blomgren, a long-time Trenton Forging employee.

The belt buckle was heated in a gas forge and hand formed with hammer and anvil. It’s brass and copper rivets were hand made and cold set into the buckle. The belt loop and hook started as a standard framing nail.


The rose was a bit more complicated. First, the basic forms of the rose parts were cut from heavy sheet metal using a plasma cutter. The stem, made using a railroad spike, was heated and drawn out to length using Kris’s homemade air-powered forging hammer. The stem was then twisted in hot form to create a base for itself to stand on a surface. Rose petals were then TIG-welded to the stem, then heated and formed into their final positions.
The whole piece was then coated in beeswax to create a distinct and protective finish.