Blog Introduction to Innovation

Innovation means many different things to different people. Some look at it as pure discovery, others look at it as the creation of something new and some say there isn’t really any difference between the two. The reality is that you can find over 70 definitions of innovation on the internet.

The most common understanding of what innovation is… “The creation of something new that delivers value”. This definition encompasses the need to solve the many problems associated with discovery and the creation of something new. The bottom-line is delivering innovation for some quantifiable gain / benefit.

Historically, innovation was the limited to naturally creative talent and the drive to cause change to occur because without the ability to follow-though innovation is nothing more than an idea. And often the innovator was separated from the implementer. Today much of that is changing. With the advent of structured approaches to innovation we now have a much greater ability to cause innovation to occur much faster. Methods, tools and techniques exist that can be taught and used to improve how we define complex challenges.

Trenton Forging Company and Dana Clarke of Applied Innovation Alliance have teamed together to share many of the principles of Structured Innovation with Trenton’s customers, suppliers and readers of their website.