City of Trenton Mayor Kyle F. Stack Honors Trenton Forging CEO David Moxlow for 50th Year Anniversary!



Manufacturing Today Article 2017

Trenton Forging adds to its capabilities and focuses on continuing education!


Change is Trenton Forging’s primary competitive edge, CEO David Moxlow says. The company remains in motion by implementing continuous improvement strategies and adding services such as 3-D scanning and printing capabilities. “We want to grow the company about another 30 percent in the next four to five years by working smarter,” he adds. CLICK TO READ MORE


50 Years and Forging Ahead with Technology!


The Trenton Forging Plant has been nestled on the unpaved road of Toledo and Hoover for the past fifty years. In 1967, the 6,000-square foot plant supplied hot forged closed impression die forgings to mostly the automotive industry. Today with 85,000 square feet and now serving the military and commercial weapons industries, they can put out from 15,000 components a day and up to 4 million components a year.

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Trenton Forging adds Learning Center to Facilities for Continuing Education


One of our core values at Trenton Forging is to continuously improve, not only our facilities and equipment, but more importantly our team members. To that end, during our addition to our in-house die making facility, and the addition of a new maintenance facility, we utilized leftover vertical space to build our very own Learning Center.

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Trenton Forging: Protecting Freedom’s Most Valuable Asset


As proud as American’s come, Trenton Forging’s team plays a role in protecting freedom’s most valuable asset: the men and women on our front lines.

The acronym “MRAP” stands for: Mine-Resistant/Ambush Protected. They are vehicles meant to carry military personnel and supplies in a highly protected environment. The protection of these vehicles comes from bullet and blast-resistant materials used on nearly all surfaces of the vehicle, as well as an undercarriage shaped much like the hull of a speed-boat that is designed to deflect and dissipate forces caused from mines and IED’s that detonate from below.

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Trenton Forging turns to Toyota for their new fleet of lift trucks!



While Trenton Forging had already been working with Toyota on a major new project for several months, they also had been struggling with a fleet of aging lift-trucks that had consistently been putting a rather large dent in what is allocated for
their maintenance.

It is said “necessity breeds innovation”. In this case Toyota had already done the hard work for us. Trenton Forging recently took delivery of 9 brand-new Toyota lift-trucks to replace it’s aging fleet. Their quality construction and thorough engineering is sure to keep them in service (in a not-so-friendly environment for these machines) for many years to come.

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Trenton Forging Takes Delivery of First of Two New OKK VM76R High Speed Milling Machines

OKK_VM76R_High_Speed_Milling_Machines1    OKK_VM76R_High_Speed_Milling_Machines2

Trenton Forging recently added one of two planned OKK VM76R machines to it’s arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment for die production. Part of Trenton Forging’s competitive advantage lies in our ability to design and create tooling faster than the competition. We specialize in product design and development, bringing new product to market faster than ever.

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Hand Forged Items


Above are two examples of the history and craftsmanship that the forging process was born of. These two pieces were mostly hand forged by our own Kris Blomgren, a long-time Trenton Forging employee.

The belt buckle was heated in a gas forge and hand formed with hammer and anvil. It’s brass and copper rivets were hand made and cold set into the buckle. The belt loop and hook started as a standard framing nail.

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Moxlow Earns Pole, Breaks Track Record, and Produces First Professional Podium During Trans Am Debut

Dane Wins PoleDane Wins Pole

Lexington, Ohio (21 August 2013)— Dane Moxlow, pilot of the #20 Trenton Forging/ Cardinal Energy Group/Huntington Bank Ford Mustang Boss 302s, made his Trans Am debut in the TA3 class for Round 6 of the Trans Am Championship last weekend at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. And quite a debut it was! Moxlow earned the pole during qualifying and broke a TA3 track record, starting the weekend out on a positive note that was long overdue for the Autosport Development team.

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Trenton Forging has gone mobile!

Now you have a faster way to find out what you’re looking for and an easier way to ask us a question and get your next forging project started!

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An introduction to innovation

Innovation means many different things to different people. Some look at it as pure discovery, others look at it as the creation of something new and some say there isn’t really any difference between the two. The reality is that you can find over 70 definitions of innovation on the internet.

The most common understanding of what innovation is… “The creation of something new that delivers value”. This definition encompasses the need to solve the many problems associated with discovery and the creation of something new. The bottom-line is delivering innovation for some quantifiable gain / benefit.

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Basic tenet of Structured Innovation

All systems evolve toward increased ideality. A good example of an idealistic thinker was Leonardo da Vinci. He had the unique ability to push himself away from working on what existed to envisioning things well beyond his time.

Ideality is defined as: The function is performed without the existence of the system that contains the problem(s). This definition implies that we get everything we want (function, i.e., what something does) without any of the costs, pains or penalties associated with the current system. This definition pushes us “out of the box while giving us direction. The direction being to replace the system that contains the problem(s) with a system that does what we want much better.

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