Hot Forged YokesWith its esteemed reputation in the industry for quality and service, Trenton Forging offers rapid turnaround of quotes, design, and product orders while remaining firm in its commitment to quality. Recognized as a premier supplier, Trenton Forging focuses on custom forgings with benefits to your company and the end user, not commodity items.
With annual production volumes averaging between 60,000 to 80,000 components, Trenton Forging can tailor custom delivery schedules on production runs from 1 piece for your one-off project to 1,000,000 pieces on a high volume order. By taking advantage of our varying production quantities, Trenton Forging serves all customers in a timely manner because production isn’t tied up running dedicated high volume work.

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Trenton Forging’s ability to offer customers a quick turnaround in product development is what sets us apart from the competition. Most of Trenton’s competitors require development lead times ranging from 8 to 16 weeks, here at Trenton Forging, we can design a forging, produce dies, and deliver product samples in one week if necessary and always within three to four weeks. With state-of-the-art, high-speed CNC machining centers, dies and sample forgings can be made in two to three days if required. Trenton specializes in jobs that other can’t or won’t do on timelines that others wouldn’t be able to meet. For example, we generate inventory turns an average of 35 times per year. The industry median is only 6.5 turns*. Hence, Trenton Forging has the ability to execute “rush” orders on a regular basis.

Forged Models 3 days or less

Trenton Forging’s pursuit of ISO 9001/2008 perfection and its commitment to continuous improvement, a 5S Workplace, and our Zero Defect Policy have resulted in numerous performance efficiencies. We will meet and exceed your needs.

*Based on data compiled by the Forging Industry Association

Trenton Forging offers:

  • Quotes within a five day window
  • Sample forgings from new tooling in 3-4 weeks or less
  • Volumes from 1 per year to 1 million (Average 60,000 to 80,000)
  • 100% induction heated billets
  • Parts from 0.01 pounds minimum to 20 pounds maximum
  • Carbon, alloy and micro-alloy steels
  • Kanban and stocking programs available


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