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Quality forgings begin in the engineering and product development department. Customers submit initial drawings or models of desired products and using software programs such as Solid Works, AutoCAD and Creo Elements (Pro E), Trenton Forging engineers enhance these drawings or models and create precise product blueprints.

Trenton Forging also specializes in reverse engineering existing products that may have no drawings. We also excel in improving products from start to finish. Whether the changes affect the way it is produced or it’s performance in the hands of the consumer, your company will benefit from the improvements.

Forged Models 3 days or less

The machine tool paths required to manufacture the dies are developed and specifications programmed into the 18,000-rpm CNC milling machine tools. Within just eight to ten hours, the forging tooling (forge dies) is complete. Trim and coin tooling are completed on complementary CNC equipment and sample forgings are ready as soon as the next day if needed.

To maintain efficiency and rapid turnaround time, collaboration occurs among engineering, production, purchasing, and sales staff throughout the entire design and production process by using our Advanced Product Quality Program (APQP) and MQ1 software application. Up-to-date quality and production data is available real-time to everyone via this APQP quality system.

Trenton Forging’s CNC capability allows the company to produce models of conceptual forgings as samples for prospective customers. In many instances, these models can be produced within 24-hours of initial contact by the customer. Utilizing a tangible sample can be more beneficial than standard drawings in providing a quality product. Let Trenton Forging improve your design today!

Motorcycle Seat Bracket

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