Faro Scanning




Maximum Benefits

Trenton Forging has always been on the front lines of new technologies and equipment
and measurement for quality purposes is not an exception to the rule. While Trenton has used
a standard contact-probe FARO Arm CMM for many years, the addition of the new Edge arm’s non-contact laser scanning capability provides almost endless new possibilities.

The new FARO Edge is a portable coordinate measuring machine that allows Trenton Forging
to do contact AND non-contact verification of 3-dimensional surfaces in a flash. What does this
mean in terms of capabilities?

  • Dimensional analysis with single point repeatability
    from .0009” to .0025”
  • CAD model vs. finished, tangible product inspection; complete
    with 3-dimensional color mapping of surface variations.
  • Expedited, fully-surfaced reverse engineering of existing parts or tooling
  • First article inspection to match quality control documentation
  • Incoming inspection from outside processes
  • CNC and machinery calibration
  • Efficient alignment verifications
  • Verification of dimensional accuracy of forge dies to ensure
    dimensional control
  • Rapid prototyping


The possibilities for new development, and the ability to quickly verify dimensional features
of extremely complex parts on the fly will ensure the continued delivery of world-class forged product from Trenton Forging Company.