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GolfWedgePageForgeTrenton Forging has begun to thrive in new markets thought rarely touched by the forging industry. While recent years have seen the majority of sporting goods outsourced to offshore manufacturers, Trenton has managed to grab a piece of that market and bring it back to being Made in the U.S.A.


Diligent research and development has allowed us to perfect the process of producing high-quality forged golf wedges at an attractive price point. Our first venture will provide a partner company with fully grooved and machined wedge forgings for their high-end boutique style golf outlet. After delivery to the customer, the forgings are hand polished, offered in an array of surface finishes, and custom tailored to the customer purchasing the club.



Producing forged golf wedges proved challenging from a tooling, machining, and grooving standpoint. Trenton Forging
has always been the go-to source for complex and off-the-wall forged product. We have been committed to helping
customers find a way to efficiently manufacture products that other forging suppliers would never explore.


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