Trenton Forging has placed themselves at the
forefront of green building. They have taken the
spreading green idea to create a rooftop
greenhouse, using it to reduce their
environmental impact.

The company discovered an innovative way to
process unused energy, a natural byproduct from
the manufacturing process. Trenton Forging is using
this energy to heat water that fuels a greenhouse,
which is located on the roof of the company’s plant.
As a result, produce is already flourishing
in the garden.

Forging Green House

“Since our inception, Trenton Forging has been committed to making a difference in the world around us,” said David Moxlow, president.
“It only makes sense to find a renewable use for unused energy. We’re excited about continuing to move forward in our efforts to
enhance our environment.’

The 1,600 square foot structure acts as a natural eco scrubber taking a previously unused resource and transforming it into a harvest of over
1,400 plants including: lettuce, spinach, kitchen herbs, tomatoes, and flowers.