Job Description CNC Machine Operator

Job Description

Broach Operator

Department: Machine Shop

Shift: Days

Supervisor Responsibilities: None


  1. Operate CNC production equipment using controlled processes and Company guidelines.
  2. Perform and record preventive maintenance activity on production equipment.
  3. Conduct quality inspections on processes, raw materials, and finished products.
  4. Stage raw materials at work stations using a forklift / hi-lo.
  5. Record production output, quality results, and reasons for equipment downtime in computer applications.
  6. Perform basic measurement functions on production output and quality inspections.
  7. Perform basic mathematical calculations (multiplication, division, averages, and percentage calculations) to ensure production quantities and specifications are met.
  8. Adhere to good housekeeping standards at work stations using 5S methodology.
  9. Work with production teammates and other employees to generate efficiency, quality, and safety improvements.
  10. Other duties as assigned.

Essential Functions:
Operate CNC machines, record output, perform preventive maintenance and quality inspections.

Education Requirements: High School Graduate

Experience Requirements: CNC experience preferred but will train.

Skill Requirements:
Must be able to read, and perform simple math calculations. Will use basic hand held measuring tools. Must be able to work autonomously.

Physical Requirements:
Must be able to stand 100% of the time. Job involves twisting, turning, reaching, bending, climbing, pulling, and pushing. Must be able to lift up to 15# approximately 15 times during the day. Must be able to lift 2-4# at least 40 times a day.

TFC Property Responsibilities:
Assigned machine, GO-NOGO gauges, hand tools assigned, computer, forklift / hi-lo.