Job Description CNC Machinist

Job Description

CNC Machinist

Department: Tooling

Shift: Days

Supervisor Responsibilities: None


  1. Must be able to perform milling, deburring, sawing and sanding.
  2. Will change dies and support tooling at CNC machines.
  3. Will document results of machined tooling.
  4. Load and unload cutting tools.
  5. Prepare dies / support tools as needed.
  6. Perform preventative maintenance on CNC machines; detect and report defective materials.
  7. Complete paperwork as needed for each job, and maintain paperwork in an orderly fashion.
  8. Perform general housekeeping (5S) duties on a regular basis.
  9. Transport dies by hi-lo as needed.
  10. Other duties as assigned.

Essential Functions:
Operate CNC machines to fabricate tooling. Edit programs; set-up tooling and tram

Education Requirements: Two year degree preferred.

Experience Requirements: Must have operated computer numerical control machines to fabricate tooling. Must have experience in editing programs, setting-up tooling and tram work pieces. Will have operated OKK’s, Fadals, and DMG machines. A minimum of five (5) years experience preferred.

Skill Requirements:
Working command of the English language, strong communication skills (both oral and written) for instructions, memos, etc. Must be able to read and interpret drawings, follow routers, use simple math calculations, and use basic hand held measuring tools. Must be a forward thinker and a team player.

Physical Requirements:
Must be able to stand 100% of the time. Job involves twisting, turning, reaching, bending, climbing, pulling, pushing, holding arms at shoulder height for an extended period of time. Must be able to lift up to 25# approximately 15 times during the day. Must be able to lift 2-4# at least 40 times a day.

TFC Property Responsibilities:
All staff responsible for basic tools, overhead crane, and walkie-talkies: screwdrivers, air-operated tools, grinders, cut-off wheels, socket wrenches and sets (metric and standard), Allen wrenches (American & standard), hammers, chisels, and measuring tapes and any other tools specific to this job description.