Job Description Hammer Shop Manager

Job Description

Hammer Shop Manager

Department: Hammer Shop

Shift: Days

Supervisor Responsibilities: All Hammer Shop employees


  1. Coordinate and supervise all activities in Hammer Shop.
  2. Plan and coordinate sequence of operations in the Hammer Shop.
  3. Inspect dies, hammers, presses and any other mechanical devises in the hammer shop; take action on repairing them, as needed.
  4. Train new workers in their job duties and help develop their skill sets for other positions.
  5. Set-up and run / test experimental projects.
  6. Track payroll (both hourly and incentive) and send weekly reports to Human Resources.
  7. Track and create reports for management meetings, etc. on production numbers, scrap, inventory and delays on customer orders.
  8. Manage personnel as well as equipment assets so product is manufactured effectively and economically.
  9. Manage / direct the general housekeeping duties and safety regulations of Hammer Shop, ensuring 5S training has been implemented for auditing puposes.
  10. Other duties as assigned.

Essential Functions:
Coordinate and supervise all activities associated with the Hammer Shop and to forge product on time and free of defects

Education Requirements: Four year degree preferred.

Experience Requirements: 3+ years closed die forging management experience.

Skill Requirements:
Working command of the English language; strong communication skills (both oral and written) for instructions, memos, etc. Must be able to read and interpret drawings, follow routers, use simple math calculations, and use basic hand held measuring tools. Must be a forward thinker and a team player. Must be able to establish strong working relationships with subordinates.

Physical Requirements:
Must be able to stand for long periods of time. Job involves twisting, sitting and walking. Must be able to lift 20# at least 40 times a day. Must be able to tolerate extreme heat in the summer months.

TFC Property Responsibilities:
Hammers, induction coils, tools, tongs.