Job Description Machine Shop Supervisor

Job Description

Machine Shop Supervisor

Department: Machine Shop

Shift: Days

Supervisor Responsibilities: Seven (7) employees


  1. Assign daily production duties to production operators.
  2. Ensure production, safety and quality procedures are being followed.
  3. Assist Engineering Dept. on design of new production tooling.
  4. Troubleshoot mechanical failures and perform basic repairs and maintenance on machines.
  5. Verify production set-up and production programming.
  6. Communicate all discrepancies to the proper management personnel.
  7. Coordinate process flow with other departments.
  8. Must have thorough working knowledge of programming software.
  9. Other duties as assigned.

Essential Functions:
Guide production employees in their daily job requirements; ensure Company policies and standards are met.

Education Requirements: Minimum associates degree, or equivalent trade school.

Experience Requirements: Minimum 5 years.

Skill Requirements:
Strong oral / written communication skills for instructions, memos, etc. Must have strong listening skills, and be able to make precise decisions quickly. Must pay strong attention to detail. Will use both simple and complex math calculations, read mechanical and project blueprints, and know GD&T. Will use hand held measuring tools, and instruct staff on using math and measuring tools. Must be a forward thinker and a team player.

Physical Requirements:
Extensive walking outside to different Company buildings so must be able to tolerate extreme weather conditions; intermittent periods of sitting at computer; twisting, turning, reaching, and bending; must be able to lift up to 25# occasionally during the day.

TFC Property Responsibilities:
All CNC machinery, secondary equipment, i.e. drill presses, grinders, etc., multiple hydraulic pumps, hand held tools, multiple computers on the floor, office computer, office phone, office desk, office printer, 5S station kept supplied with mops, brooms, dust pans. Must have own hand tools.