Learning Center

Trenton Forging adds Learning Center to Facilities for Continuing Education



One of our core values at Trenton Forging is to continuously improve, not only our facilities and equipment, but more importantly our team members. To that end, during our addition to our in-house die making facility, and the addition of a new maintenance facility, we utilized leftover vertical space to build our very
own Learning Center.

Laid out like a university classroom, the area features three rows of desk-style seating with ergonomic chairs; enough to comfortably educate a dozen individuals at a time. The room is cast with natural light and offers birds-eye views of the plant and is finished in warm, modern tones, and a classic, yet industrial polished concrete floor. To better facilitate learning in this environment an oversized, wall-mounted monitor is fed from a dedicated CPU with wireless controls that can used from anywhere in the space.


The Learning Center at Trenton Forging will be utilized as a place where members of our team can attend Continuing Education-type classes, seminars, and online courses.