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City of Trenton Mayor Kyle F. Stack Honors Trenton Forging CEO David Moxlow for 50th Year Anniversary!



Manufacturing Today Article 2017

Trenton Forging adds to its capabilities and focuses on continuing education!


Change is Trenton Forging’s primary competitive edge, CEO David Moxlow says. The company remains in motion by implementing continuous improvement strategies and adding services such as 3-D scanning and printing capabilities. “We want to grow the company about another 30 percent in the next four to five years by working smarter,” he adds. CLICK TO READ MORE


50 Years and Forging Ahead with Technology!


The Trenton Forging Plant has been nestled on the unpaved road of Toledo and Hoover for the past fifty years. In 1967, the 6,000-square foot plant supplied hot forged closed impression die forgings to mostly the automotive industry. Today with 85,000 square feet and now serving the military and commercial weapons industries, they can put out from 15,000 components a day and up to 4 million components a year. CLICK TO READ MORE


Detroit’s manufacturing heritage continue Downriver

CRAIN’S ARTICLE Written by: Gary Anglebrandt


Many places in metro Detroit can strike a person as feeling like the real heart of the area. Woodward and Jefferson, Eight Mile, Grosse Pointe with its old money, Dearborn with its entanglement with Ford Motor Co. Oakland County has its moments.

But there’s something about Downriver. Poor, downtrodden, derided Downriver. It’s long been the butt of jokes for locals of the greater Detroit area, for reasons I only partially get, having come from the other far end of the area, Port Huron, another waterfront place that isn’t exactly known as a bastion of high culture. CLICK TO READ MORE

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