Protecting Military

Trenton Forging: Protecting Freedom’s Most Valuable Asset


As proud as American’s come,
Trenton Forging’s team plays a role in protecting
freedom’s most valuable asset: the men and women on our front lines.

The acronym “MRAP” stands for: Mine-Resistant/Ambush Protected. They are vehicles meant to carry military personnel and supplies in a highly protected environment. The protection of these vehicles comes from bullet and blast-resistant materials used on nearly all surfaces of the vehicle, as well as an undercarriage shaped much like the hull of a speed-boat that is designed to deflect and dissipate forces caused from mines and IED’s that detonate from below.

MRAP’s are currently used worldwide but they were specifically built for the harsh environment, and dangerous Iraq and Afghanistan theatres. They are monstrous vehicles weighing in at approximately 30,000 lbs. and at a cost of nearly one-half million dollars each, they are a force to be reckoned with.

One of the most current versions (pictured here) is an M-ATV. This one is fitted with an independent rear suspension capable of withstanding the unpaved and unmaintained roads that were once an issue for the first few generations of MRAP vehicles.

Trenton Forging was given the opportunity to protect our soldiers by producing parts for these vehicles as early as 2007. Trenton produced the door hinges that bear the weight of the armored doors, each weighing several hundred pounds. We also played a part in the development of the M-ATV, forging the anti-roll bar links that allowed the vehicles to be fitted with independent rear suspension, increasing the reach of U.S. Forces in remote areas.