Revives a Classic



What first began as an open-ended adventure to procure a truck from a riverbed
in western Nebraska morphed into a creative ode to the great Henry Ford, his era of American manufacturing, and to the memory of Trenton Forging Company founder George Moxlow.

Trenton Forging Company has partnered with local lifestyle-brand and custom
fabricator, Detroit Motion Co. to restore the likes of this 1938 Ford 1-Ton stake truck with a little Trenton flare. The idea is to keep the truck as close to original as possible while ensuring it is safe, reliable, and that it proudly represents Trenton Forging. The chassis, body, and running gear will stay 100% original; a job made a tiny bit easier due to it’s condition when it was picked from the plains. For most of it’s life the truck resided somewhere near Harrisburg, NE where it rains less than one inch per trip around the sun. While it was worse for wear, there was quite literally zero rust on the vehicle and fasteners turned out like the day they were installed right back here in Detroit, some 78 years later. The details of the truck’s originality were verified by no less than the original owners granddaughter; a kind woman by the name of Sylvia Soule.

Progress on the restoration has begun to escalate exponentially as the truck’s tentative deadline looms near. The 1-ton chassis has been completely restored to its production line standard and awaits final metalwork and paint on the body panels before final assembly. A period-correct Ford flathead V8 is also in the final stages of rebuild and will be installed upon delivery. Stay tuned for updates on the build, photographs of the progress and finished product, and possibly an appearance at a show this winter.