We Design and Create Tooling Even Faster Now!

Our Competitive Advantage-
Two New High Speed Milling Machines Added to the Arsenal.



Trenton Forging recently added one of two planned VB53’s machines to it’s arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment for die production. Part of Trenton Forging’s competitive advantage lies in our ability to design and create tooling faster than the competition. We specialize in product design and development, bringing new product to market faster than ever. Now, thanks to our two additional die-sinking OKK machines, we will have the capacity and capability to improve upon what we already do well.

Die Making Facility Trenton Forging has shown it’s talent in
converting other types of manufacturing into a simple, strong, and capable forgings. With the expansion of our design team and equipment Trenton can seek out new markets, increase throughput, and bring you the best pricing and service in the industry.


Trenton Forging Company’s capabilities come complete with an on-site tool design and die making facility. Employing the newest CNC technology, we use vertical machining centers from DMG, OKK, and Fadal to produce up to 350 new dies, and 250 re-sinks per year. The ability to swap jobs in our identical machines allows us the efficiency to create multiple dies with multiple impressions on the fly.

Forged Models 3 days or less

Trenton’s Engineering and Design facility is never left unattended. When we aren’t working, we are still cutting. The Engineering Team is fiber-optically linked to our machines and can monitor their progress from anywhere in the world, 24-hours a day. Forged Models 3 days or less



We use the latest modeling and design technology at Trenton Forging. Pro-E, Mastercam, and Autocad are used to design and prototype and can covert most any file type. We have the ability to reverse engineer existing products with ease and can develop working drawings from your parts. 3D file models can be sent to your desktop in days, not weeks, and forged models soon thereafter.

Keeping an inventory of tooling material on hand in several sizes allows for last minute requirements to be fulfilled. When you say “GO”, we’re ready.

Try us out. Nobody beats our turnaround on new tooling… production or prototype!

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