Welding Facility

WeldingFacility1Trenton Forging has increased its efficiency and capabilities yet again by integrating another outside process as part of its regular operations.
Trenton has added a full die welding facility in order to reduce new tooling material costs, shrink turnaround time at an outside die welding facility, and cut down on waste created from disposing of die blocks that are past their re-sink limit in material thickness.
In the past, die material was ordered from a supplier in a specific size relative to the part being formed by it. A block of tool-grade steel is cut to shape, a shank is cut into it to secure it in our hammers, and dowel pockets are bored to aid in their movement around the facility. That die block is then delivered to us and run through one of our 4 high-speed milling machines creating the necessary impressions needed for forming.

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When those impressions wear over time we have to re-sink them lower in the die block to ensure proper tolerance in the parts being produced. Eventually, after several re-sinks, we must either scrap the block entirely or send it to an outside processor who would flood weld the worn impressions in order to keep the block at a standard thickness.


WeldingFacility2This is where Trenton Forging decided to take their tooling fate into their own hands. With the addition of the weld facility,partnerships with Eureka Welding Alloys, and the use of a Stresstech brand heating system, we can control our own tooling material for the entirety of its life here at the plant. Eureka Welding Alloys aided the implementation of the process and provides us their unique flux core filler wire. Stresstech provides us the capability to pre-heat our die blocks for creating high-quality, strong welds and post-heating in order to heat treat the blocks for hardness and longevity.

Now our tooling is created here, used here, and most of it never leaves. It will either live long enough to withstand years of repeated production or it will be recycled by way of flood welding and re-cutting into a die for another project. Trenton Forging is taking another step toward forging its own future.