The Advantage of a 1 Piece Forging over a
Multiple Piece Fabrication / Weldment


• Streamlines your design

• Eliminate costly welding

• Eliminate potential weld failures

• Increase production rates

• Explore more raw material options


Strength Benefits

Poor welding practices can lessen and benefit gained from joining multiple pieces. Possibly porosity in a welded joint are a point of weakness for weldments. Grain orientation achieved by forging makes parts stronger and failures more rare.

Overall Savings

Reducing weldment scrap, increasing production rates, and lowering inspection and labor time will diminish the initial cost associated with forge tooling.

Consistent Metallurgical Properties

Forgings have no internal voids that could cause unexpected failures from either impact or load-stress. The temperature swings associated with welding can cause inconsistencies in metallurgical structure within a weldment.

More Cost Effective

Multiple piece fabrications are less cost effective than a properly designed one-piece forging and are less likely to fail in a given situation.